Operation P

Operations with Fractions: Multplication and Division

Fraction Learning Pathway

Additional Prompts

These tasks emerged out of the fraction research. Teachers may wish to use them as diagnostic or summative assessments, exit cards, number talk prompts, or additional practice questions. By considering both the specifics of the cell and student use of purposeful models, teachers can support students in acquiring a strong conceptual understanding.

Alexis makes 4 12 dozen cookies for the school bake sale. Each plate has 13 of a dozen cookies on it. How many plates of cookies does Alexis have? What fraction of a dozen cookies are left?

Bill has a bottle that holds 23L of liquid fertilizer. He also has a large storage contianer for it that holds 234 L. How many small bottles for fertilizer can he fill from the large container? How much of the last bottle will be filled? How much would be left empty? Use models to show your thinking.