Operation I

Operations with Fractions: Multiplication and Division

Fraction Learning Pathway

Additional Prompts

These tasks emerged out of the fraction research. Teachers may wish to use them as diagnostic or summative assessments, exit cards, number talk prompts, or additional practice questions. By considering both the specifics of the cell and student use of purposeful models, teachers can support students in acquiring a strong conceptual understanding.

Show the product of 7 × 18 using a model.

Show the product of 7 × 38 using a model.

Using a number line, draw 43.

What is 43 doubled? Show on a number line.

The answer to a multiplication question is 32. What could the question be; if one number is a whole number and one number is a fraction? What could your equation (number sentence) look like?

What picture could you draw to make sense of 34 × 5?

Cody has 212 choclate bars and 12 friends. If each friend eats 15 of a bar, what fraction of chocolate will he have left?