Operation C

Add and subtract fractions with like denominators using models and symbols.

Fraction Learning Pathway

Additional Prompts

Chantal eats 34 of a sandwich for lunch and 34 of a sandwich after school. How many sandwiches does Chantal eat in all? Use pictures, words, or symbols to explain your answer.

Identify two fractions that have a sum of 34. Now identify two other fractions that also have a sum of 34.

Identify two fractions that have a sum close to but not exactly:

  1. 1
  2. 4
  3. 3518

Scott cross-country skied 410 of a kilometer on Wednesday evening and then he skied 310 of a kilometer on Friday evening. Would Scott describe his total distance skied as being closer to 1 kilometer or 12 kilometer?

Create an addition sentence to show how many one-fifths there are in 235?

Use a number line to show the distance between 53 and 83