Operation A

Count unit fractions as a form of adding and subtracting fractions

Fraction Learning Pathway

Additional Prompts

Oral Counting:

Link to Pathway Number of Developed Tasks Additional Prompts OP A 0 Oral Counting: Each student gets a card with a unit fraction on it (e.g., 15). The students find all the other students in the room with the same unit fraction. Using oral counting, each group counts by their unit fraction to determine the sum (e.g., 1 one -fifth plus 1 one-fifth plus 1 one-fifth equals 3 one-fifths). Discussion can highlight that the numerator is the count and the denominator is the unit.

This activity uses pattern blocks with the hexagon defined as the whole. Distribute one piece per student (select from rhombus, triangle, and trapezoid pieces). Students group themselves based on common shape(unit). Students determine the fractional amount their shape represents. Counting is similar to adding by one unit fraction each time.