Comparing and Ordering Fractions - Ottawa-Carleton DSB KNAER Lesson (Gr 6)

MO 20 min

A 30 min

C/D 20 min

60 min

Learning Goals

    Students will:
  • develop flexibility in ordering fractions using a variety of considerations, including benchmarks
  • consider the role of the numerator and denominator, and the connection between the two when ordering fractions on a number line
  • explain and justify their reasoning about fractions


  • 12 pieces of chart paper, 1 per pair
  • markers

Minds On...

Pairs Review Activity

Ask students to place the fractions 14, 23, 66, 816, 19 on a number line in their notebook that extends from 0 to 1.

Whole Class Preparation for Action!

Post a class number line and ask individual students to place each of the five fractions appropriately. Highlight that each fraction represents a single numerical value and ask students to share their reasoning as they place each fraction in its place. Highlight common benchmarks that students refer to as they share their reasoning, such as 12 or 34. Also ensure that students realize that one point on the number line can be identified using multiple equivalent fractions.


Pairs Activity

Provide each pair with a prepared number line which has unlabelled hash marks from 0 through 4. Ask them to place each of the fractions on the number line, and prepare to explain and justify their placements.

12152010322,  1 56,  2 14154,  1 102093197,  2 57,  3 45

Whole Group Discussion

Ask students to share a fraction and the corresponding placement. Probe student thinking by asking:

  • What strategies did you use to place the numbers?
  • Which ones were easier to place? How did you place these?
  • Which ones were more difficult to place? How did you place these?

You may wish to provide scaffolding support to some students through the use of some of the following questions:

  • It would be helpful to place a scale on your number line first. What information can help you do this?
  • You may wish to sort the fractions first. How would you sort them?

Consolidate/ Debrief

Whole Group Anchor Chart for Ordering Fractions

Lead generation of an anchor chart to summarize their understanding of ordering fractions. See next page for a sample.

Home Activity or Further Classroom Consolidation

BLM Sample Anchor Chart

Things we learned about ordering fractions